Table of Contents

1 Is there "Insensible Life"?
2 Man of the Millenium, Immanuel Kant
3 Thinking About My Thoughts
4 The Bridge Between the Transfinite and Infinity
5 Visceral Brain, Language and Thought
6 The Natural Life of Thoughts
7 The Two 'Faces' of the Brain
8 The Emotional Variable in the "Logic" Equation
9 Working Language Memory & Emergence of Self
10 Subconscious Awareness in Language Development
11 Concatenation of Different Levels of Cognitive Processing
12 Regenerative Semantics & Generative Grammer in Proto Linguistic Organ
13 Soliloquy With My Virtual Image
14 Qualitative Jump To Self-Consciousness
15 Loosening The Gordian Knot of Consciousness
16 Ruminations on the Essence and Existence of Consciousness
17 Phenomenal Consciousness As A Survival Strategy
18 Free Will As A Survival Strategy
19 Aesthetics, Choreography Of Consciousness
20 Judeo-Chrislamic Theology, Stategy For Psycho-Social Survival
21 Conceptual Consciousness, As A Strategy For Survival
22 Sociology in the BPS Model Of Consciousness
23 Ruminations On Post-Modern Law
24 Summary